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  1. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2015

    Quote by benai0204 Thank you, that's good idear I didn't think, If I have time to draw Raito, I'll try it as you say :D (y)

    Hello! Good to hear that I gave you some ideas. :)

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  2. Angi Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2015

    Quote by benai0204
    Dear, I use only Photoshop, it CS6 , it have better brushes than CS5 and I down more from devianrt a long time ago, but you have to down a lot and it just has some brush ok, some of all brush I down when used, tried while drawing.
    -find manga/anime/movie you like, fanart make you image the character easier than you image by yourself.
    -look at mirror, face, hand and half body or full body, chose the good act .
    You can find the cosplayer's pics, action in movie, animation, actor, magazine to make your brain more image, but dont copy it. If you dont good at drawing, you can copy it from manga, comic (ex: Maverl have a lot of heroes with good body and act), and the pic will be "copy fanart" . I did it before when draw NARUTO in highschool, and now I dont do that :)
    -draw idear to paper or computer, I draw in paper first.
    -look at mirror again to find true act, your hand, your face look sad, happy...,full eyes or half eye, where the noise, mouth, macro or not (you can see Raito's pic has big hand look like the camera near the hand than face) ... Beacause I like to draw look like real human, so I notice these so much.
    - scan or take a picture with camera, and make liner in photoshop. (I take a pic, I dont have scanner)
    - color it with 1-3 color, it easy to me for check light-dark and can color more it I want.

    I choose 200 or 300pixel, 16bit in photoshop, it make my computer run slow. Some artirs draw 2,3 hour/pic, but RAito pic I draw near 2 week; 2,3 hour/day because slow computer, choose the brush and wrong act when drawing, I had to fix the hand a lot and look the mirror a lot too.

    look at mirror is my habit when drawing, 'cause everyone look at theyself everyday, we can make more face selfine, we dont have model to draw like to learn fineart..

    Ok, I dont good at English, maybe some words are type wrong, if you have anythings to ask, comt to me, i can use google trans to read it, it all fine to me ^.^ (y)

    Oh I'm sorry, guess I didn't explain myself correctly x.x
    I meant to write it on the description of your recent artworks xD

  3. Angi Retired Moderator Mar 17, 2015

    Yo! I've seen your newer works, they're cool, I'll just suggest you to add a bit about your creation process, you know like, what programs you used and any links to any references if you used any :3

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